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B u r n i n g   M a n   W r i s t b a n d   2 0 1 9

Since not everyone gets a wristband when coming to Burning Man I will bring as many as I can and gift them to our beautiful community. Here you can read about my ideas and the design. I ask for your support through either funding the production or by helping me passing them out on Playa. 

Production successfully funded!

We will bring 3,000 amazing wristbands to the Playa this year. A big THANK YOU to all our amazing donors who helped us realizing this endeveour!

Help fund our volunteers
@Camp Mobility

The Burning Man Wristband Art project will collaborate with Camp Mobility this year. When Camp Molbiity reached out to us I thought what a perfect oportunity I always believed wristbands are about connecting people and signaling them what they have in common. 

Funds currently raised:

$ 57.49

Please note: If you don't want to appear on the donors list please let me know in a comment when you make your donation or via e-mail.

About this Project

When I returned from my first Burn in 2010 I was deeply touched by what I had witnessed - the love of the community, the mesmerizing art and the magic of the playa. There was only one thing I found missing - a wristband to remind me that this was not just a dream.

So I took it upon me to create a wristband for Burning Man each year and gift them to our community. It became my annual art project. My mission is to create wristbands that are as beautiful and meaningful as the Burn itself.  

So... can wristbands really be art? Find out by yourself.

The Idea

This year's theme "Metamorphoses" is all about transformation. About a miraculous process that creates magnificent artworks and life-changing encounters in this entropic caleidoscope co-created by thousands of Burners on Playa.

"But how does the Burn looks like when seen from high above?" I wondered.

I started researching satellite images and drone footage of the Burn and became inspired by the structures I found [1,2,3]. 

Then the artwork "Love is a Riot" from Android Jones came to my mind with its masterful interplay between macro- and microcosm [4].

I envisioned how the metamorphoses of the Burn would form a giant mesmerizing structure - a mandala stretching from the effigy burn all the way to the deep playa.


The Design

The final design will be released on August 12th. Stay tuned!

The wristband design, shown in gold, will cover a cross section of the Burn with the effigy in the center. 



Would you like to help me pass out wristbands? 

It is so much fun! And you will meet a ton of people who really appreciate what you are doing. 

Your task will be to put the wristbands on (pliers provided), explain the design and give some background on the Burning Man Wristband Project. There will be 2hr shifts on several pickup locations or you can roam the Playa in your own time with a sign and gift them to people you meet.

If you are interested please get in touch and I provide you with more information. 


Get your Wristband

Consider subscribing to the newsletter to get the latest news on meetup locations and times.

Supporters of this project will get a wristband from me personally on Playa. You will be informed via e-mail about where to meet up. If you can't make it to the Playa this year your wristband will be mailed to you.

For all other Burners there will be several places where you can get your wristband. Please check out the table below. Times will be announced on August 22rd.

Pickup locations Day Time
Center Camp Art Exhibit
(Exact location TBA)
Mon - SunAnytime
Somewhere on Playa *Tue - SunFate decides :)

* You can meet me and my volunteers on Playa if fate brings us together. Watch out for people wearing a sign "Burning Man Wristbands". Say hello to hear about this year's design and get your wristband.


Without your support this project
would have not been possible.

Thank you for your contribution!

Adina Harle
Anne Burgaud
Brian Weir
Colleen Fancher
Danny Jurk
Denise Winkler
Elizabeth Hernandez
Erich Laskowski
Eva Walter
Ingrid Schweizer
Janyne Preston
Jerome Gross
Joerg Pfützner
Jon Califano
Julie Christensen
Julius Schindler
Kerrie Tate
Linda Hong
Line Kolling
Lisa Ferrier
Markus Ehart

Martin Kramer
Michaela Rygrova
Mustache Envy
Ole Massow
Renaud Bouckenooghe
Robert Blechinger
Robin Mock
Russell Jewitt
Sebastian Leyk
Sky Blu
Stacie Ledden
Suzanne Avila
Suzette Risacher
Sven Kräupl
Tamie Bailie
Thomas MacThomas
Uljana Egli
Vanessa Donley
Where the Sheep Sleep Crew
Zeke Riding 

Previous Edition's

This year I will create the eight edition of my Burning Man Wristband Series.

If you are interested to check out the previous year's designs please take a look on this page:

There will be also be an exhibition about my wristbands in Center Camp this year. Please come by and check it out!  


I started going to Burns in 2010, when I went to my first Burning Man. And oh boy, was I blown away - the sense of community, the open mindset, the immense wealth of creativity and - most of all - the feeling that we see each other as for who we are. Not a role, not a job, but a human being. I found my home and till this day that is the place where my heart is.

Becoming a Burner was also a personal journey for me to find out how i can contribute, of what i can bring in. 

And this was my idea: At Burning Man you don't get a wristband when you enter the gates. But i like wristbands and i think other people do too. So in 2011 I started to create wristbands for Burning Man. A lot of people liked the idea so it turned into my personal art project - The Burning Man Wristband Project. Through this project I became connected with a lot of different Burner groups and artists and i started to explore the regional Burns, like AfrikaBurn.

A lot of things happened since then and now I am an active part of the community, being involved in many art projects and doing design and communication work for Burns and related events.