AfrikaBurn 2019

The idea came to me at AfrikaBurn 2018: After I had passed the gates I was looking down at my wrist. The wristband I had just been given was made from pink plastic.  As a wristband artist, I feel a wristband should reflect the beauty of the event it is created for. It was this moment when the idea sparked to make the AfrikaBurn wristband an art project of its own. 


Five distinctive wristbands designs had to be created for the Crew, Kids & Minors, Suppliers, Mutant Vehicle Drivers and, of course, the wild AfrikaBurner bunch. I wanted to create something uniting but at the same time make each wristband unique to its wearers.

The wristbands all feature the same motif but during different times of the day.


500 pcs.


The wonderful AfrikaBurn crew has to rise early. That is why the landscape is portrayed at early sunrise. It is a bit chilly still, but the first warming rays of the sun appear at the horizon. Great day ahead!

Kids & Minors

500 pcs.


For the kids I wanted something bright and playful. I imagined a sunny morning with puffy clouds and everything gleaming in vivid colors.

General Admission

12.000 pcs.


For the general admission version the scene is a gorgeous sunset in colors you only believe when you first see them for yourself. I hope we all meet on a hill overlooking Tankwa, toast to the setting sun and hooooohooooowl. ;)


200 pcs.


I see the suppliers as a nurturing force working tirelessly day and night to support this wonderful gathering in the desert. Therefore their wristband displays the scene at night.

Mutant Vehicle Driver

300 pcs.


TThe Mutant Vehicle Drivers wristbands have been black and white traditionally.
Tradition continued! ;)


Without your support this project would have not been possible. 
Thank you!

Aaron Leopold, Adrien Born, Alexander Wendt, Amely Kling, Andrea Paracucchi, Anna Anderson, Anna Taranko, Annette Messaris, Ariel Cohen, Arjuna Szymanski, Axel Vetter, Bonita Carr, Brunheidi Von Raubenheimer, Bryan Preston, Carla Maier, Carryn Ortlepp, Chad Saunders, Chantal During, Chantal Stoffelsma, Charlotte Egli, Christiaan van Zyl, Claire Blackman, Clinton Cawood, Daniel Wuttig, David Bellairs, Denise Winkler, Diana Frankovic, Elvis Kvalbergs, Emile Maree, Enrico Walther, Eric Grotefeld, Erich Laskowski, Eveanne Friedman, Ewan O'Leary, Gavin Bodill, Gideon Coetzee, Gitanjali Maharaj, Graham Ellis, Grant Hall, Gregory Haley, Gwendolyn Eckert, Harald von Ey, Henri van Eetveldt, Hulbert Jonathan, Ian Gardner, Ingrid Schweizer, James Tagg, Jan Thomas, Jannie Venter, Jaroslav Taranko, Jennifer Wang, Jessica Smith, Jill Sessa, Jo Flo, John Prokop, Jörg Pfützner, Julia Savage, Julia Szymanski, Kal Tatley, Katherine Sonntag, Kelly O'Keefe, Kevin McDonald, Kim Fairbairn, Kirsten Niesar, Kryslin Weston, Laura Baasch, Lee Dzbenska, Lee Ruppert, Lee-Ann Langenhoff, Leena Ibrahim, Leo Sauermann, Lev Tatarov, Linda Hong, Lisa Ferrier, Liz Breslin, Lydon Carter, Lyndel Daly, Maddalena Arosio, Marco Wiechmann, Marius Koban, Markus Nitschke, Martin Glueck, Martin Signal, Mathieu Bernard, Matthew Davidson, Matthew Ta, Maurits Vermeulen, Maya Bogaert, Michelle Matthews, Mustache Envy, N Floss, N Van, Nadine Scheepers, Nic Raubenheimer, Nico Heinrich, Nina du Plessis, Nina van den Berg, Oleg Yarin, Olga Davydkina, Oliver Giese, Paula GIusti, Petrus Traa, Peuge K, Pieter Bruwer, Rachel Proulx, Ranger Alien Peter Hedley-Smith, Reuel Miller, Richard Parry, Robin Cohen, Robin Mock, Robin Pender, Ruud Kalis, Ruud van der Linden, Sabrina Schlegel, Sam Deacon, Samadhi Szymanski, Sandy Jeffery, Sascha Rummel, Saskia Stuart-Clark, Sebastian Leyk, Severin Taranko, Simon Cross, Sirko Mann, Stacie Ledden, Tabita Gerber, Tasneem Dustagheer, Tasneem Dustagheer, Tayla Tucker, Tom Baumhöfer, Tony Janke, Uljana Egli, Vanessa Baruffol, Vanessa Wijngaarden , Vanesse Donley, Vera Seehausen, Veronica Ternopolski, Veronika Fleyta, Vince Kruger, Vincent Rae, Virginia Lin, Vitor Damico, Walter Böhmer, William Fourcault, Wouter Van Seggelen, Zita Fenyves


About me

I am Severin Taranko, a passionate Burner from Dresden, Germany. If you would like to get involved in the Wristband Series project please contact me.