The Legend

Bedouins whisper that occasionally, during a full moon, an opulent mirage rises from the desert.

The story of Opium goes back to ancient times when wandering folk crossed the desert in search for a secret elysium. Over the millenia stories became tales and tales became legends. Legends which the bedouins whispered into the ears of bewildered strangers when they brought their herds to the colourful markets of the Orient.

Legend has it that this mirage is so opulent, it could fool you to believe that you have entered into one of the most exotic and lavish halls in Versailles. Furniture rich with exotic textures and sequins. Materials so vivid and flamboyant in colour, it would be the envy of kings and queens.

But Opium’s most notorious treasure are the scantily dressed women, seductive and provocative in their female magnificence. According to the legend these beautiful women dance the night away in a euphoric cloud of exotic hookah smoke and sweet music. Caressing men in their laps and perfumed embraces. Serving them delicious wines from golden cups and showering them with cherry laced kisses. Dancing to hypnotic tunes, allowing their naked bodies to sway to the hypnoticing rhythm of desert drums. Their perfect breasts captivating everyone in their presence. It is told that when Rumi turned his passionate love into poems it was Opium's sirens that were dancing before his very eyes.

The origin of this desert elysium is unknown, some say that it’s the work of Seth, God of the Red Desert who fell in love with Aphrodite, the goddess of love beauty, pleasure and procreation. When Seth realized he was not her only lover he got enraged with jealousy and paid a desert wizard Aphrodite’s weight in gold. The wizard placed a spell on Aphrodite, banishing her and all her female maidens to wander the desert for eternity.

Those with a lack of imagination wave it away as old wife’s tales, but some swear that the desert winds still carry the seducing sounds of Opium's sirens, leading them who listen closely to the place of their desires.

Bedouins have named this mystical tavern Opium Gentlemen’s Club, because once you have succumbed to its fantasy, you are trapped together with many brave desert explorers in her eternal embrace.

Our Vision

Mesmerized you stumble into a bedouin tent filled with soft and inviting cushions, laced with luscious curves.

Imagine a beautiful bedouin tent as the backdrop of Opium Gentleman's Club, open fire’s by the entrance and a tent itself filled with lots of soft pillows, bean bags, couches and lavish carpets to create intimate and comfortable bedouin inspired spaces away from the harsh desert environment with low coffee tables, hookah pipes and etc. Nipple pasties will be gifted to all woman that enter Opium, and men will be offered ties to wear. We will indulge in cigars, cocktails, and a bottle or two of sparkling wine to toast sunsets and sunrises and all those sexy moments in-between. Camp decor will include burlesque swings, boudoir images and there is even talk of a piano and a bird cage for the ‘birdies' to swing in…

Opium Vibes

Music from a forgotten era thrills your ears, while the air is rich with exotic perfume and the sweet smoke of hookah pipes.

For all the Burners that live in South Africa and dont have access to Spotify this article might help :)

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